Hazelnut and chocolate spread


Hazelnut and chocolate spread
Hazelnut and chocolate spread

200 grams Hazelnuts
200 grams Milk
200 grams Cream
60 grams Skim milk powder
3 tablespoons Hazelnut syrup
pinch of salt
310 grams Dark chocolate, chopped


Hazelnut and chocolate spread
Hazelnut and chocolate spread

1. Heat an oven to 180℃. Spread the hazelnuts onto a baking sheet and place in the oven. Roast the nuts for about 10 minutes until the skins start to loosen and the nuts are toasted.

2. Whilst you wait for the nuts to roast, add the milk, cream, milk powder, salt and hazelnut syrup to a deep pan and bring to a slow simmer (do not let it boil). Add the chopped chocolate to a bowl set over a pot with simmering water, and stir until all the chocolate has melted. Switch off the heat and keep the mixture warm.

3. Lay the warm nuts onto a clean kitchen towel, and fold over the edges so that the nuts are covered. Rub the nuts in the towel to loosen the skins. They should come off quite easily. Transfer the skinned nuts to a food processor, and chop the nuts as finely as possible. Most home processors will be unable to chop the nuts into a smooth paste, but make sure it is as smooth as possible. Scrape down the sides of the food processor bowls regularly.

4. Add the warm chocolate to the chopped nuts in the food processor and continue to blend until well mixed (about 30 seconds to a minute). Then add the warm milk and cream and blend for one more minute.

5. The mixture needs to be strained through a very fine sieve to remove the bits of chopped nuts (if you do not mind the nuts, skip the straining). If at this point your mixture is quite thick and beginning to set, transfer it back to the bowl over the simmering water and heat it a little. Strain and add to small glass jars (or containers of your choice). Let it cool to room temperature, then refrigerate for a few hours before use.


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