Jerk Pork Belly

Story – Street food

Jerk Pork Belly


1 1/2 kilograms Pork belly
1/4 cup Dark rum
3 centimeters Fresh ginger
1 bunch Sping onion
2 tablespoons Fresh thyme
6 Cloves Garlic
10 berries Pimento (All spice)
1 tablespoon Black pepper corns
1 tablespoon Nutmeg
2 sticks Cinnamon
4 Red Chili
1/4 cup Brown sugar
2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
4 tablespoons Lime Juice


1. Place all the sauce ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Rub over the pork belly. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Any unused, access marinade could be sealed in a jar and stored in the refrigerator for future use.

2. After 24 hours, place the pork belly on a rack in a low oven (about 150 ℃) and roast for three to four hours. Baste with extra marinade throughout.


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