Basic mayonnaise



1 Egg yolk
1/4  teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Water
2 teaspoons Fresh lime juice
1 cup Olive oil


  1. Add all the ingredients except the oil to a large bowl. Whisk together. Add a few drops of oil to the base mixture and whisk.
  2. Continue to add a little oil at a time and continue to whisk until the emulsion starts forming. Then the oil can be added in a thin drizzle. Continue to whisk until the oil is finished. The final product should be thick enough to cling to the whisk.
  3. If it can be poured, it has broken.
  4. In that case, remove the mixture from the bowl, and set aside. Clean the bowl and add a few drops of water and a little (1/4 or 1/2) egg yolk.
  5. Start by whisking the yolk and water. Add a few drops of the broken mixture and whisk.
  6. Continue the process until all the broken mixture has been added and the emulsion is repaired.
  7. From the base mayonnaise, it is easy to add additional flavours.
  8. To make a sweet and tangy mayonnaise,  the base mayonnaise add a teaspoon of pomegranate reduction and stir through.
  9. For another variety, take the zest of one lime and one green chili. Chop very finely and add to the base mix of egg, water, salt and lime juice.
  10. Make the mayonnaise as usual. Or if, you have some, chop two or three cloves black garlic very finely and add to the finished mayonnaise.
  11. Stir through and put in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to allow the flavours to develop. Serve your mayonnaise with cold fish, chicken or meat.
  12. Or use it on potatoes, or other boiled vegetables. Or use it a sandwich.
  13. Use the freshly made sauce within a day or two, especially if you have added fresh ingredients such as herbs to ensure it tastes fresh.

Did your mouth water? Did you laugh or cry? Let me know!

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