Fresh Pineapple Chutney – Recipe

Easy to make, delicious with curries and meat dishes.


1 Pineapple, Large, peeled and cored
1 Red onion, Large, thinly sliced into half rings
4 Red chillies, Seeded and finely chopped
4 Cloves of garlic, Finely chopped
2 teaspoons Ginger juice
1 teaspoon Salt
¼ cup Icing Sugar
6 tablespoons Lime juice


Fresh Pineapple Chutney

1. Chop the pineapple into small chunks and sprinkle with some salt. Leave it in a colander for a few minutes to get rid of some of the juice.
2. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Taste to achieve a balanced flavour. Add more sugar or lime juice if desired and season with salt and pepper. Chill before serving.


Did your mouth water? Did you laugh or cry? Let me know!

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