Ostrich egg … any ideas?

Danella give me an ostrich egg, and I have to cook it this week. I am looking for inspiration … any ideas anyone? Since one ostrich egg equals about 24 chicken’s eggs, I’d be looking to make more than one dish so please help! All recipes used will be fully credited.


And this is what we did. 


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  1. natasja says:

    M’shewsha. Dis algerian. Give it a try!

  2. Natasja says:

    M’shewsha is a delicious Algerian dish made with lots of eggs, a little semolina & a little flour. You pour warm honey over it & allow it to soak in……..delicious! M’shewsha can be enjoyed for breakfast or with afternoon coffee – it tastes like a cross between a fluffy pancake & French toast! Traditional, it is thought to give you a lot of strength – manual labourers eat it often, as do women who’ve just had a baby! This is also great for Suhor during Ramadan – yum!

    Read more: http://breakfast.food.com/recipe/mshewsha-algerian-egg-dish-for-breakfast-or-coffee-324572#ixzz1cLMn6Iv5

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